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Travel info

From the airport to Vadstena

To go to Vadstena you take taxi from Mjölby. Taxi cost approx 100 SEK/each to Vadstena, if you are 4 persons. There are also a few trains and bus between Mjölby and Vadstena, but also train and bus from Stockholm to Vadstena. To go to Mjölby you go by direct train from Stockholm (2 hours), Copenhagen (3 hours) or Linköping (20 minutes). All prices below are the current full prices in second class. The train schedules for the summer will be available from sometime in April and prices might change slightly. There is a djungle of discounts if you book and pay more than a week in advance, less than 24 hours in advance, if you travel during weekends, if you have international student ID, if you book on the internet etc. The regular trains are called X2000. Older, slower trains called Intercity are cheaper but do not go very often.


Stockholm - Arlanda

Airport buses travel frequently between Stockholm city and Arlanda (80 SEK oneway).. The bus takes about 40 minutes to the city terminal (central train and bus station). The airport buses stop at terminals 2, 4 and 5. There are also fast shuttle trains called Arlanda Express from the airport tothe City terminal (20 min. 160 SEK). From the City terminal, trains and coaches run to Mjölby. Trains cost 635 SEK oneway, weekend price is 380 SEK. The slower Intercitytrains take 3 hours and cost 310 SEK.

If you go to this site is there information about hotels near the airport.

Copenhagen Airport

Direct trains run from the airport to Mjölby (3 hours) and cost 982 SEK.

Linköping City Airport

The airport is approx 2 km outside the city centre. No buses are running from the airport. Taxi from the airport costs approx 70 SEK to the city centre. From the railway and central bus station (Resecentrum), trains and coaches run to Mjölby.

Norrköping Airport

The airport is approx 5 km outside the city centre. There is a bus to Norrköping city centre which leaves the airport (300 m from the terminal). This bus runs twice every hour. Taxi cost approx 70 SEK to the city centre. From the railway and central bus station (Resecentrum), trains and coaches run to Mjölby.

A budget alternativ Ryanair

Visa ?

Something about Sweden


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