Gravitation Section/GRSweden meeting 14-15 November, 2001

In connection with Fysikdagarna i Linköping at Linköpings universitet the gravitational section /grsweden will host a two day conference. The conference will open at 10.30 (coffee will be served from 10.00) on the 14th and end at or before 19.00 on the 15th. The program will consist of a mixture of longer and shorter talks.

The conference will take place in Hållfasthetsläras seminarierum (Solid mechanics seminar room) in House A, entrence 15. Ray d'Inverno's talk on the GR database will take place in another room to be announced.

Info for late commers on Wednesday: we will be eating lunch in Kårallen


Unless stated otherwise, talks will be in Hållfasthetsläras seminarierum, (Solid mechanics seminar room) House A, entrance 15, Linköpings universitet.

Wednesday 14 November 2001
10.00-10.30 Coffee
10.30-11.00 Paul Lambert (University of Southampton): "2+2 Hamiltonian using SO(3) connection variables"
11.00-11.30 Max Karlovini (Stockholms Universitet): "2+2 decomposition of gravitational fields"
13.15-14.15 Håkan Andreasson (Chalmers): "Global existence of solutions to the Einstein equations with symmetry"
14.20-15.20 Claes Uggla (Karlstads Universitet): "Dynamical Systems in Cosmology"
16.00-17.00 Hans Lundmark (Linköpings Universitet): "Killing tensors of cofactor type and separation of variables"
17.00-18.00 Alan Barnes (Aston University): "Some restrictions on the symmetry groups of axisymmetric spacetimes"

Thursday 15 November 2001
8.30-9.30 Ray d'Inverno (University of Southampton): "The current status of the Computer Database of Exact Solutions"
Lecture room U6, House C.
10.30-11.00 Lars Samuelsson (Stockholms Universitet): "Acoustics of neutron stars"
11.00-11.30 Anders Höglund (Linköpings Universitet): "Energy-momentum tensors and Algebraic Rainich conditions in higher dimensions"
11.30-12.00 Gravitation Section meeting
13.30-14.30 Kjell Rosquist (Stockholms Universitet): "Modelling black hole simulations"
14.30-15.00 Johan Brännlund (Stockholms Unviersitet): "Geometry of spin systems in quantum mechanics"

Friday 16 November 2001 (Not part of GRSweden meeting but might be of interest any way)
12.15-13.15 Popular Talk by Ray d'Inverno: "Computational Relativity: Black Holes and Gravitational Waves on a Laptop"
Lecture Theatre C 4, House C
14.15-15.00 Ämnesdidaktiska seminariet by Ray d'Inverno: "E-learning Resources in Mathematics"
Lecture room U6

Conference dinner

The conference dinner will take place on Wednesday evening the 14th, preliminary at a Malaysian/Chinese restaurant --- reasonable prices and possibly a room to ourselves. Please tell us if you plan to attend and if you have any special requirements concerning diet.


From outside Sweden, flight can be booked to Linköping (or nearby Norrköping) thorugh Copenhagen via SAS. From U.K. there are very cheap flights (£20.00 return by Ryanair) from Stanstead directly to Stockholm South/Skavsta; from airport you can get a shared taxi to the nearby town Nyköping (mid way between Stockholm and Linköping, and 100 km from Linköping), with train or (more frequent and cheaper) bus connections. Also there are direct flights Manchester - Göteborg - Linköping by City Airlines (+44 870 330 8800).

Bus 202 (from the train station) goes to the University.

For taxi, tell the driver to go to the taxi stop at Kårallen at the university.


Accommodation can be arranged through the main conference, or else cheap accommodation (c:a 360 SEK/night, (£1.00=15.80 SEK)) is available beside Linköpings universitet (where the section meeting will be held) at Valla folkhögskola (Contact Hans Karlsson, +46 13 35 55 85, e-post or Mjellerumsgården Vandrarhem (c:a 260  SEK/night, 160 SEK/night sharing, +46 13 12 27 30).

There may also be rooms available in student accommodation in Ryd (15 minutes walk from Linköpings universitet). Phone Stångåstaden at +46 13 208 500 and ask to be transfered to student accommodation.


There is no registration fee for the Gravitational Section meeting, but please inform us as soon as possible if you plan to attend.

Further information...

...will be given here, e.g., times and room changes.

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