Practical Information
  Practical Information  
  If you don't anymore plan to attend our conference, please, let us know by sending us an email at
  Conference dinner and lunches during the conference  
  Unfortunately, most of the restaurants on the campus will be closed during our conference, and the capacity of the ones nearby is very limited. To organize lunches during the conference smoothly, we therefore ask you to order meals through the conference homepage Meals by the end of May. The order is binding. Payment should be made in cash during the registration. We have a reduced offer for those selecting all (or most) of the meals: 600 SEK for all the meals, including the dinner.

The conference dinner on Wednesday and the lunch on Thursday will be in the form of buffets, with both vegetarian and nonvegetarian options. Lunches Sunday through Wednesday will be boxed meals as follows (or similar vegetarian alternatives):
Sunday 14 June
Monday 15 June
Tuesday 16 June
Wednesday 17 June
Thursday 18 June
smoked salmon "de luxe" potatoes and sallad
chicken breast with herbs, bulgur sallad with vegetables
fried strips of beef with pepper, green peas and potatoes
baked salmon, rice with herbs and dill sauce
  If you have any dietary concerns, like allergies, mention them in the order form. We'll do our best to accommodate them.  
  We would also appreciate if you could on the above meal form indicate whether you wish to take part in the excursion, which will go to the newly remodelled Air Force Museum, to the medieval Vreta Abbey and the technically impressing and beautiful locks on Göta Canal.  
  Location of the conference  
  The conference will be located at Linköping University's main campus,
Campus Valla
rooms A1 and A36-A38 in the A-building
entrance 17.

For maps see
(The department of mathematics is located in the B-building.)

  Presentation of lectures  
  If you are going to deliver a talk you can either use the large whiteboards, an overhead projector or give a computer presentation, or a combination of these. If you want to give a computer presentation, please bring your talk on a USB-stick and upload it to our computer in the morning coffee break of the day of your talk, or before your talk if you are the first speaker of the day. Our projectors have a resolution of 1024x768.  
  Local transportation in Linköping  
  Please note that in Linköping it is not possible to buy bus tickets on the bus, they have to be bought in special shops in advance and single tickets have limited validity (75min from the time of purchase). The easiest way of coping with this is to get a prepaid bus card which can be used to buy tickets on the buses. The card costs SEK 20 and can be loaded with at least SEK 100 at a time.

A single trip with the card costs SEK 19. A single ticket (valid for 75min) without a card costs SEK 27. Several people can travel together with one card. Ask the driver for help if needed when using the card on the bus.

These cards are sold at Pressbyrå shops and at the ÖstgötaTrafiken information bureau at the Railway Station (Centralstation Resecentrum). The opening hours are:
Pressbyrå at the Railway Station
ÖstgötaTrafiken at the Railway Station
Pressbyrå at the University (located at the corner of the D-building)
Pressbyrå at the main square (Stora torget)
Monday - Friday

See also
Note that Friday 19th is a holiday and shops may be closed (Pressbyrå at the University is).

Beware: The card can also be bought and loaded in Quickomat machines at several places in Linköping but our experience is that the machines do not accept foreign credit cards.

The following buses may be useful to get from the city to the university. From the Centralstation (Resecentrum) and through the city centre: nr. 12, nr. 543 and nr. 540 (get off at "Universitetet" or "Universitetet Golfbanan").

The latter two buses only run occasionally, but stop at fewer places. Buses take 10-15 min. Some morning departures from Resecentrum are:
nr 12
nr 543
nr 540
08:20, 09:05
07:55, 08:25, 08:55
  You can find the connections in "Reseplaneraren" at

For those staying at Scandic City we provide a special bus in the morning, leaving from Scandic City at 8.30 (at 8.45 on Sunday).

After the dinner on Wednesday, there will be special buses going back downtown for all the participants.

After the excursion on Tuesday, the buses will stop at the university and continue to the city centre and Scandic City.
  New currency in Sweden  
  In case you plan to save some Swedish money after the conference for future use, this might not be such a good idea as you may think, since Sweden is about to  change its banknotes and coins to newer ones, starting in Oct 2015.

The current banknotes will become invalid after 30 June 2016 (20, 50 and 1000 kr) and 30 June 2017 (100 and 500 kr). Also the current coins will be invalid after 30 June 2017, with the exception of the 10 kr coin which won't be replaced.

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