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Travelling to Linköping

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Travelling to linköping

Visiting Linköping and Norrköping
Information for visitors coming to Linköping University. Links to Linköping and Norköping airports, trains and busses, maps, how to get to Campus Valla etc

Airport Coaches Skavsta Airport
Airport transfer Skavsta Airport (Nyköping) to Stockholm, Norrköping and Linköping by bus. Timetables, price, where to buy tickets etc.

Bus routes to Campus Valla
Coming to the university (Campus Valla): From Resecentrum (train and bus station) there are three buses coming to Campus Valla: 2 to the south of campus (stop FOI), 12 and 20 to the west of campus (stop UNIVERSITET).

The method of payment of buses in Linköping (and Norrköping) is by refill card (several people can share a card, the card costs 20 SEK). Each journey costs 19 SEK with card. The minimal charge of the card is 100 SEK. The card can be used in the whole of Östergötland (also to travel to Norrköping, travel within Norrköping and travel to the Berg Locks).

The hotels are very close to Resecentrum. There is a 40-45 minute walk from the hotels to Campus Valla. The best stop to take a bus from the hotel to Campus Valla is Resecentrum.

To come to Nobel or Hopningspunkten from the bus stops: From FOI: take the boulevard northwards until entrance 25 (in building B) walk to corridor C and take to the right (north) until arriving to entrance 23, turn left to corridor D, on the right is Nobel.

From UNIVERSITET: walk having Building F on your right. Take entrance 55 (between buildings F and B), after the stairs turn to the right to corridor D; you are in front of Nobel.

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