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Invited Speakers

  • Alan Agresti - Department of Statistics, University of Florida (USA). Title: Some Perspectives about Generalized Linear Modeling.
  • S. Ejaz Ahmed - Department of Mathematics & Statistics, Brock University (Canada). Title: Big data, big bias, small surprise!
  • Dennis Cook - School of Statistics, University of Minnesota (USA). Title: Envelopes: Methods for efficient estimation in multivariate statistics.
  • Sat Gupta - Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics, University of North Carolina at Greensboro (USA). Title: Ratio and regression estimation of finite population mean using optional randomized response models.
  • Lynn LaMotte - LSU Health Sciences Center School of Public Health, New Orleans (USA). Title: Factor-effect formulations such that ANOVA effects can be tested with deleted-terms sums of squares.
  • Emmanuel Lesaffre - Leuven Biostatistics and Statistical Bioinformatics Centre (Belgium). Title: Joint modeling of a multilevel factor analytic model and a multilevel covariance regression model.
  • Yonghui Liu - Dept. of Applied Mathematics, Shanghai Finance University (China). Title: Influence diagnostics in a vector autoregressive model.
  • Thomas Mathew - Department of Mathematics & Statistics, University of Maryland, Baltimore County (USA). Title: Small Sample Asymptotics: Two Applications.
  • Jamal Najim - LIGM, Université de Marne La Vallée (France). Title: Spiked Models in Large Random Matrices and two statistical applications.
  • Muni S. Srivastava - Department of Statistical Sciences, university of Toronto (Canada). Titel: Test for the mean in a Growth Curve model for high dimensions.
  • Yongge Tian - China Economics and Management Academy (CEMA), Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing (China). Title: Formulas, equalities and inequalities for covariance matrices of estimations under a general linear model.
  • Julia Volaufova - LSU Health Sciences Center School of Public Health, New Orleans (USA). Title: Generalized R^2 in Linear Mixed Models.

Ericsson Session - Young Scientists Awards

  • Maryna Prus - Otto-von-Guericke University, Germany
    Title: Linear Aspects in Random Coefficient Regression Models: Optimal Designs for different criteria.
  • Jolanta Pielaszkiewicz - Linköping university, Sweden
    Title: Free Probability approach to Random Matrices -- Statement of alternative Free Moment - Cumulant relation formula
  • Fatma Sevinç Kurnaz - Yildiz Technical University, Turkey
    Title: A Robust Liu Regression Estimator
  • Alena Bachratá - Slovakia
    Title: Experimental Designs under Resource Constraints: Algorithmic Construction
This special session, Young Scientists Awards, is sponsored by Ericsson AB and Svenska Statistikfrämjandet.

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