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Sightseeing and atractions

The conference is planning to organize an excursion Wednesday August 27 in the afternoon. The excursion will be free for all participants.

Other than the excursion, the conference is not planning to organize anything if not a special request is made. Instead we will help all to fulfill their wishes.

Please visit Visit Linköping where you find the main attractions.

Concerning sightseeing, among others, there are a number of boat tours on Göta Canal and the lake Roxen. Linköping hosts a number of museums but maybe the main attraction is Bergs Locks at Göta Canal. Kinda Canal is another beautiful place. On Sunday during the get-together we can help to plan your visit. Moreover, within 2h you can come to the centre of Stockholm and spend a day in the capital of Sweden. Indeed it is also possible to visit Copenhagen and see Sweden from a train perspective.

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