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Linköping is situated in southern Sweden, about 200 kilometres south of Stockholm. The Copenhagen-Stockholm link of the central European railroad trunk passes through the city, as does the arterial Euro-Highway 4 (E4). The distance to the twin city Norrköping is just 40 kilometres.


By air it takes about one hour from Copenhagen International Airport (via SAS) and just under two hours from Amsterdam International Airport (via KLM). There are two local airports - one in Linköping and one in Norrköping - with regular flight connections to domestic and international destinations.

Those arriving at Linköping City Airport can continue to the city centre by taxi in less than 10 minutes. From Norrköping Airport one can continue to the Norrköping city centre by taxi or airport bus no 116 and then to Linköping by train or bus.

One can also fly to Sweden to the Stockholm region, which includes at least two airports.

Train or bus

Linköping can be reached by train or car from Stockholm in less than two and a half hours and from Copenhagen in five hours. The railway station in Linköping is situated a ten-minute walk from the city centre.

  • SJ (the largest train operator in Sweden)

By express bus it takes slightly longer.

For more information see LiU: Visit Linköping and Norröping.

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