Sergios Agapiou Dimension dependence of sampling algorithms in hierarchical bayesian inverse problems  
  Saleh Al-Harbi Sampling theory and computing eigenvalues of discontinuous Dirac systems by using regularized sinc method  
  Gaik Ambartsoumian Reconstructing a function from its v-line radon transform in a disc  
  Martin Andersen Reduction of intensity bias via iterative reweighted TV regularization  
  Simon Arridge Computational methods in photoacoustic tomography  
  Swanhild Bernstein The crystallographic Radon transform and the pole figure inversion  
  Durga Prasad Challa Detection of point-like scatterers by elastic far-fields in the Foldy regime  
  Roman Chapko On the numerical solution of parabolic Cauchy problems via integral equations approach  
  Mahmoud El-Borai An inverse fractional abstract Cauchy problem with nonlocal conditions  
  Matthieu Garsin Regularization in non-linear noise influence environment using wavelet shrinkage  
  Ankik Kumar Giri Hölder convergence rates of Tikhonov regularization for solving nonlinear ill-posed problems  
  Sarah Hamilton A direct, nonlinear reconstruction algorithm for the 2D EIT problem using a partial data D-N map  
  Per Christian Hansen Semi-convergence and relaxation parameters for projected SIRT algorithms  
    Christian Heinemann Linear channel diffusion for image denoising  
  Tapio Helin An inverse problem for the wave equation with one measurement  
  Elias Helou New parameter choice rules for regularization with mixed Gaussian and Poisson noise  
  Michael Hintermüeller Spatially dependent regularization parameter selection in total (generalized) variation models for image restoration  
  Kristoffer Hoffmann Numerical analysis of linearised hybrid inverse problems  
  Uno Hämarik On choice of the regularization parameter in ill-posed problems with rough estimate of the noise level of the data  
  Viktor Isakov On increasing stability in the continuation and inverse problems for Helmholtz type equations  
  Tomas Johansson On the alternating method for Cauchy problems  
  Mohamed Kadri Identification of internal cracks in a three-dimensional solid body via Steklov–Poincaré approaches  
  Urve Kangro On solving integral equations of the rst kind arising in interior source methods for electromagnetic scattering problems  
    Manas Kar Reconstruction of interfaces using CGO solutions for the Maxwell equations  
    Michael Klibanov Stability estimates and convergent numerical method for thermoacoustic tomography with an arbitrary elliptic operator  
    Kim Knudsen Direct 3D reconstruction for the Calderón problem  
    Evgeny Korotyaev Inverse spectral theory for Laplacians on rotationally symmetric manifolds  
    Tim Kreutzmann On the domain derivative in a radiative transfer problem  
    Pavel Kurasov Inverse problems for quantum graphs: boundary control and Aharonov-Bohm  
    Yaroslav Kurylev A graph discretization of the Laplace-Beltrami operator  
    Andreas Langer Subspace correction methods for a class of variational problems in image processing  
    Matti Lassas Reconstruction of wave speed in a seismic inverse problem  
    Daniel Lesnic Determination of heat transfer coefficients  
    Love Lindholm Local volatility as an inverse problem  
    Shitao Liu A Lipschitz stable reconstruction formula for the wave speed from boundary measurements  
    Lennart Ljung System identification - finding the generating system from observed inputs and outputs  
    Valdemar Melicher On a continuation method in Tikhonov regularisation and its application to topology-to-shape optimisation  
    Yuri Menshikov Useful hypothesis in inverse problems of interpretation  
    Lydie Mpinganzima Acceleration of the modified alternating iterative algorithm by the conjugate
gradient method for the Cauchy problem for the Helmholtz equation
    Zuhair Nashed Noise Models for Inverse Problems and Moment Discretization  
    Sergey Nazarov The bottom topography "invisible" for surface waves  
    Japhet Niyobuhungiro Geometry of optimal decomposition for the L- functional and duality in convex analysis  
    Jan Pietschmann Identification of non-linearities in transport-diffusion models of crowded motion  
    Anna Polyakova Numerical solution of 3D vector tomography problem with usage of singular value decomposition  
    Edi Rosset Detection of unknown boundaries and inclusions in elastic plates  
    Yuri Safarov Ergodicity of branching billards  
    Mikko Salo The Calderon problem with partial data  
    Mattias Sandberg An adaptive algoritm for optimal control inverse problems  
    Otmar Scherzer Sectional imaging in photoacoustics  
    Mattias Schlottbom Analysis of a forward problem in optical tomography  
    Valery Serov Transmission eigenvalues for non-regular cases  
    Ivan Svetov B-spline slice-by-slice solution of 3D-vector tomography problem  
    Anders Szepessy Hamilton-Jacobi theory for inverse problems  
    Hans Henrik Sørensen Implementation of block algebraic iterative reconstruction methods  
    Alexandre Timonov Numerical study of algorithms for the multimodal (hybrid) conductivity inverse problem  
    Gunter Uhlmann Travel time tomography  
    Gennadi Vainikko Cordial Volterra integral equations of the first kind  
    Spartak Zikrin Sparse optimization techniques for solving multilinear least-squares problems with application to design of filter networks  
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